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I have been a senior Advocate and mentor. I have also worked with children and young people with Special Education Needs/Learning Disabilities, other professionals and have a wealth of experience in dealing with the problems and anxieties, separation and issues that parental alienation can bring to a child.

I have also obtained various Legal academic qualifications & been through the Family Court process and secured a 'Shared Care Child Arrangement Order', following a 12 month court case which involved seeking shared custody of my daughters. This In turn had a successful ending to proceedings, which enabled me to require detailed knowledge of the Civil Family Law court process from start to finish and enabling me to have to experience to provide this level of supoort and vital service.

I have worked with a number of clients over a period of time, on a voluntary and paid basis. I remain impartial, have no gender bias and I'm willing to support any parent who genuinely requires in depth help, understanding, clarification and assistance of the family court process.

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