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Having a relationship with your Child

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Child Arrangement Orders

A Child Arrangement Order is made by the court stating where children will live, how and when they will spend time with each parent.

1. If you are a father of a child and registered on the birth certificate for a child born after 1 December 2003 you have automatic Parental Responsibility or were married to the mother of the child. If you are a mother then you will have automatic Parental Responsibility.

2. If You have attempted mediation and this has been unsuccessful or is not required/exempted. (WE CAN HELP SUPPORT YOU).

Enforcement Order

You've been to court at least once and are named on a Child Arrangement Order. This could contain such detail as specifying a schedule of contact, outlining with whom the child shall live and with whom the child shall spend time with, however all is not going smoothly and the other party is not complying with the conditions of the order. What do you do?

The process by which you ask a court to compel or impose punitive measures onto a party is known as "enforcement" triggering. An enforcement order which the courts take very seriously and will impose if necessary.

(We can help support you)

(disclaimer) - In most cases you must have gone through the process of mediation with a trained mediator Initially unless you qualify for exemption which we can discuss )

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