What's it All About?

The Role of a Professional Family Law McKenzie Friend and the Benefits

A 'McKenzie Friend,' assists a litigant in a court of law in England and Wales. A 'McKenzie Friend' is a legal word used by the legal services industry, to describe a layperson who can help litigants.

It is important that if you choose to use a professional Family law McKenzie Friend, the professional must have, Indemnity Insurance, adequate qualifications and is registered with the Information Commissioners Office which we pride ourselves on.

What can a Professional McKenzie Friend do?

McKenzie Friends can help with court proceedings by:

  • Providing moral support / before and after various hearings.
  • Helping with case papers e.g. preparing and editing statements, witness statements, position statements and taking notes.
  • Assisting with the filling in of application forms e.g C100, C1a (allegations of harm) and CAFCASS parenting plan content.
  • Help draft letters to be sent or emailed to the respondent/court.
  • Taking notes.

McKenzie Friends cannot:

  • Speak in court (i.e. question witnesses or talk to the judge).
  • Manage cases outside court.
  • Act as an agent.

Very rarely, but is possible a McKenzie Friend may be allowed to speak in court if they have permission from the judge this is called right of audience.

Benefits of having a Professional McKenzie Friend

The aim of this site is to provide affordable help in dealing with the emotional and procedural issues to those who cannot afford Barristers & Solicitors fees. We are not qualified Solicitors or Barristers but we are legally trained and can give guidance through the legal mind field.

McKenzie Friends can improve access to justice by providing valuable support for litigants in person. Encouraging the litigant to focus on factual issues, they help litigants to better present their case and assist the court to swiftly deal with matters and it is better for clients with a lower income, as they will have an alternative choice of support.

We aim to be flexible, tailoring our appointment schedule to suit our clients needs as much as possible thus providing a mobile service.


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